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Across The Pond

About to leave Miami for London, first time in an A380. I’ll check in when I get to Heathrow. If my phone works…

(Update a few hours later)

Standing in a long line at Heathrow for passport control. If they have the poor judgment to let me into the country, I’ll be heading into town for lunch with friends in Chelsea.

End Of An Era

I didn’t mention this at the time he announced it was happening to his staff, but George Nield has retired from the FAA. Not clear what the future holds for the Office of Commercial Space Transportation, or who the next head of it will be, but it’s unlikely to remain within the FAA, given the mood on the Hill. It never should have been there. The entire federal regulatory apparatus needs to be restructured for the coming era in commercial spaceflight, both launch and for on-orbit activities.

Junk Nutrition

A mix of good and bad dietary advice.