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Off To Florida

I’ll be pretty much off the air today (unless I decide to purchase wifi on the plane), but should be back up tomorrow.

(Update at 1400 PDT)

Mission abort. My flight to DFW was delayed an hour when I arrived at the gate, which would have meant a missed connection on the last flight to PBI. So I changed to a better flight tomorrow.

(Tuesday morning update)

On the plane to Dallas.


The Kids In The Cave

The oxygen levels are getting low.

This seems like a solvable problem, using ECLSS technology. Get some LiOH canisters and oxygen tanks in there. Also, Elon has sent some of his tunneling engineers to see if they can help.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Alan Boyle has the story on the Boring Company and SpaceX support. The former would presumably be tunneling, while the later would provide life support based on Dragon technology.

[Noon update]

Elon has gone full superhero.

[Update a while later]

[Update Saturday afternoon]

Elon is building a mini-submarine, designed to fit through the tunnels, at SpaceX HQ to fly to Thailand.

Early-morning update]

Thought their politics suck, The Guardian is providing good live blogging of the operation.

[Monday-night update]

There were questions in comments how they got there. Here is Bridget Johnson’s story, including how the Buddhist monk training of the coach helped get them through.