Lord to Take Over Air Force Space Command

That’s the headline over at Space.com (subscription required for link), at least in my email notification. I guess the government’s not messing around about this military space stuff any more–they’re putting someone competent in charge. Sort of gives a whole new meaning to “faith-based initiative.”

Actually, as you might have guessed, it’s a general with the last name of “Lord.”


There is something deliciously symbolic about the fact that the middle of the Euro coins are falling out when put in the refrigerator. Does it mean that there’s a hole in the currency when the European economy cools?

(Quick little physics lesson–the center of the coin is of a different metal than the outer part, and it has a different coefficient of thermal expansion, so when the metal cools down, the center part shrinks more, and loses contact with the outer part. Too bad the coin designers didn’t consider this…)

Lead Out The Scapegoats?

This may be a first. I actually almost agree with Tom Daschle and disagree with the Administration. He’s calling for hearings into the intelligence failure of 911. In theory, this should certainly be done.

I just wish that I had some confidence that the Congress is competent to do this. Based on the Enron situation, it doesn’t look promising.

As usual, even if the Plurality Leader is doing the right thing, it’s almost certainly for the wrong reason–I suspect that it’s just a new and desperate political ploy to try to pin it on this Administration, while abvolving the last one, leading up to the elections in the fall. After all, if one of the Republicans’ strongest issues is national defense (which is what spins the voters’ propellers these days) then weakening their image in this area would be helpful to the Dems in November.

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