Still Looking For The Casualties

Just as we saw in Kabul, Kandahar shows little evidence of any civilian casualties, let alone massive ones.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if we find out that, in overthrowing the Taliban, probably fewer civilians have died in the past couple of months than they would have killed themselves, had they not been distracted by dodging bombs. I hope someone can gather the data (i.e., nominal death rate due to ongoing executions and starvation via Taliban misrule prior to 911) and do the comparison.

Competition For Fisk

Apparently, Robert Fisk doesn’t have a monopoly on anti-West paranoia among British journalists. Reuters (no one here but us freedom fighters…) has reported that Yvonne Ridley, the woman who snuck into Afghanistan and was captured by the Taliban and later released, is accusing the CIA, or Mossad, or MI5, or somebody, she’s not quite sure who, of plotting to have her shot for propaganda purposes. She says the Taliban released her because they caught on to the evil plot, but even though she’s seen incriminating documents, she can’t produce them. Maybe her donkey ate the evidence…

Now We Know The Real Reason For The War

According to this story by Dennis Hans, Bush and Cheney cut a deal with the mens’ grooming industry for the concession to the Afghan shaving market.

The disconcerting thing about this piece is that I can’t figure out for the life of me whether it is lunacy or satire. If it were in the Onion, no problem. But it’s printed at Common Dreams, a site that professes to be a center for “breaking news and views for the Progressive community.”

So, is it real, or parody, and if it’s the latter, do the Common Dreams folks understand that, or did they post it in seriousness?

What do y’all think?

[Thursday Update]

A kind (and unduly appreciative) reader, with reading ability apparently vastly superior to my own, has pointed out that the word “Parody” appears just above the headline.

[VOICE=”Emily Litella”]

Never mind.


Kick Him While He’s Down

In addition to his (probably-deserved) physical beating in Afghanistan, Robert Fisk has also undergone an even more deserved rhetorical pummeling by Welch, Layne, et al. Now David Perlmutter piles on in Front Page Magazine.

So the beating of Robert Fisk teaches us much but apparently he has learned nothing. Didn’t they used to say that a conservative was a liberal who has been mugged? Not any more. For some people a crack to the head cannot dislodge calcified prejudices.

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