Narrow-View Cameras

I have a project in mind for which I have some unique requirements. I’d like a low-res, narrow-field webcam, robust enough for all-weather outdoor use. I can’t find anything that meets the requirement in a search, but wonder if anyone has ideas for how to hack one? For instance, if it’s got like a five megapixel sensor, could I easily just look at the center of it, without having to process the whole image? I’ll probably be hitching it to a Raspberry Pi 2.

[Update a while later]

OK, it looks like a standard webcam hooked up to a Raspberry Pi 2, with this software, should give me sufficient power to do what I want.

Spacefest In Seattle

Though the program doesn’t (yet) reflect it, I’m going to do a talk and book signing there on Saturday afternoon, November 7th. Attendance does require museum admission, though ($20). But it’s probably worth it if you’ve never been to the Museum of Flight, and maybe even if you have. I also hope to be able to visit some of the area space companies early the following week before coming back to LA.

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