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Changing Times

I’m watching PBS (more specifically, KCET), and they’re doing a Veterans Day show hosted by Huell Howser, in which I’m watching a group of Civil War reenactors singing “When Johnnie Comes Marching Home.” It’s been a long time since I heard the whole song, and in 2005, one feels more than a little sympathy for them, wondering what has to be going through their minds as they have to sing “…and we’ll all feel gay when Johnnie comes marching home…”

Death Of An American Hero

Rosa Parks has died. Her bravery moved many Americans to the front of many buses, both literally and metaphorically.

I can imagine that the left wingnuts who think that all “right wingers” and “conservatives” are racists, will imagine that Free Republic will be saying things like “good riddance.” Defying the stupid stereotype, au contraire.


Commenter Josh Reiter has some second-hand reporting from the Houston evacuee site:

Many of the people while screaming in anger, spitting, and fist pounding while demanding that they receive better food. Note above that my girlfriend has eaten the food there at the convention center and describes it as the same quality that you’d get at a Chili’s, Fridays, or at worst a Boston Market. They were angrily demanding McDonalds’ value meals to satiate their palates.

One young girl who was pregnant was asked where she was from. She very quietly mumbled something while several people were talking loudly and the buzz of lighting ballasts blared overhead. When asked to repeat herself the girl grabbed the clipboard and pen out of her hand and scribbled a series of indecipherable letters on the form. Then, threw them back down in disgust…

…I understand that anger is one of the natural reponses to a tragic situation. But there is a difference between venting types of anger and those in which someone really shows their true colors. They did nothing but display direct anger at those things and people around them that they truly despise. I think we see here the reason these people are in the situation that they are in for a reason. These people have been giving shelter, comfortable beds, good food, free medical care, free medicine, and money. For which they have little or no consideration for those who are trying to help them or appreciation for what they are being given.

Mark Twain once wrote “…a dog will not bite the hand that feeds him. This is the principal difference between a man and a dog.”