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Lileks writes about his trip to Trader Joe’s:

I bought some sauces, including a pasta sauce that turned out to be too brackish for my tastes, and a bottle of three-buck Chuck

I could swear that just last year, on my many trips to CA, it was still two-buck Chuck. When did it go up, and why by fifty percent? I know, it’s only a buck, but still.

[Update in the afternoon]

And speaking of Trader Joe’s, when are they going to start opening stores in south Florida? I’d think there’d be a huge market for them in Boca. I wonder if it has something to do with the state liquor regs? Looking at their site, it appears that the closest one is in Georgia.

Five Hundred Points?

Sounds like a bad day for the market. Of course, it never helps when the exchange for a major trading partner starts the day down almost ten percent.


This is not investment advice (oh, no) but this is probably a buying opportunity.

The Goldilocks Economy

Larry Kudlow gave a speech on Sunday in DC on “the greatest story never told.” He’s starting to tell it. You’d think that, with the Democrats running the Hill, the media would like to talk about the great economy now. But I guess they’re still afraid of George Bush getting any credit. (Not that presidents have that much to do with the state of the economy, contra all the people who foolishly didn’t want Clinton removed from office because we had a high stock market, but the tax cuts certainly helped.)