Fifteen Years On

Falling Man

It’s hard to come up with anything new to say about 9/11, but in the midst of this insane election, I think that this picture could be viewed by many as a metaphor for America, and the overreactionary result was Donald Trump, a man manifestly unqualified for the presidency, whose disqualifying characteristics are exceeded only by those of his sickly, corrupt, incompetent, mendacious, felonious opponent.

I don’t think that Trump will prove to be the parachute that saves the nation — he’s far too ignorant and contemptuous of the Constitution (and much else) — but many do, and that is how he has gotten as far as he has, and may yet win the presidency. And if he does, I think that history will record that the seeds of his victory, for good or ill, were sown on a bright sunny September Tuesday in 2001, and the feckless response of the nation’s “leadership” through three presidential cycles since.

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Falling man, falling presidential candidate.

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I should note that one of the reasons I’m showing this picture is that too many people think we shouldn’t see it or be reminded, which gets back to the fecklessness of our “elites.”

For The Good Of The Country

James Comey should resign.

I agree. He should have done so long ago over this. I’m surprised and disappointed that he’s willing to go along with this level of government corruption. He’s destroying the reputation of the FBI.

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If you want checks and balances, vote Trump.

He’s not really a Republican, but he’ll be viewed sufficiently as one by the press to treat him like one, so we’ll once again get serious scrutiny on the White House.

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Don’t let Comey put a criminal in the White House.

I agree; if Comey wants to do the right thing, the new revelations provide an opening for him to do so. But I don’t think he wants to. He seems to be doubling down on the corruption.

Crooked Hillary

The name should and will stick: She’s either criminal, or criminally incompetent, or both.

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The civil service system is broken: we had to find out about her emails from a hacker. #Transparency

Public-employee unions should be abolished, and we need reform of the civil service, which has become a one-party weapon against the people.

[Update a couple minutes later]

The ethics wall between Hillary and her foundation didn’t extend to her State Department staff. This is insane. Criminally insane.

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