The Latest Idiocy At NASA

Loren Grush has the story on the cancellation of the lunar Resource Prospector:

Metzger can only speculate as to why the mission was moved. “I don’t really know what the motive was, but I’m guessing it was probably budget related,” he says. NASA’s human exploration program is currently working on a giant new rocket, the Space Launch System, which takes up a sizable portion of the annual human exploration budget. It’s also behind schedule, so it’s possible Resource Prospector was moved to the science directorate to free up funds to prevent further delays.

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Does Bridenstine know this is happening?

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FWIW, here’s what Mary Lynne Dittmar has to say:

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This is good news.

Comey And McCabe

The media hasn’t been reporting much on the initial release from Horowitz, but it looks like some potential bombshells in here for the Democrats.

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More from Andy McCarthy.

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And it wasn’t Comey’s decision to exonerate Hillary; it was Obama’s:

Bottom line: In April, President Obama and his Justice Department adopted a Hillary Clinton defense strategy of concocting a crime no one was claiming Clinton had committed: to wit, transmitting classified information with an intent to harm the United States. With media-Democrat complex help, they peddled the narrative that she could not be convicted absent this “malicious intent,” in a desperate effort to make the publicly known evidence seem weak. Meanwhile, they quietly hamstrung FBI case investigators in order to frustrate the evidence-gathering process. When damning proof nevertheless mounted, the Obama administration dismissed the whole debacle by rewriting the statute (to impose an imaginary intent standard) and by offering absurd rationalizations for not applying the statute as written.

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More thoughts from (still Democrat, as far as I know) Jonathan Turley.

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Jack Goldsmith on the Deep State. It also seems relevant to this post.

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Is Comey lying about his memos?


In the future, I’m going to take encomia and praise of the “integrity” and probity of these Beltway denizens from other Beltway denizens with a truckload of salt.


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Donald Trump and the star chamber of horrors:

As the past year-plus of Robert Mueller’s tedious investigation has proven, there is no very great crime behind Trump’s very great fortune of having been elected the 45th president of the United States. The entire notion of Russian “collusion” (not in itself actionable in the first place) was cooked up in the witches’ cauldron that was Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The resulting brew was liberally dispensed to the cadres of media operatives pretending to be dispassionate reporters in order to assuage the failed candidate’s rage over losing what she thought—what she was assured by her friends at the CIA and the FBI—was a fixed fight.

And so the Big Lie—that Trump had collaborated with Vladimir Putin to change the course of an American election—was born.

There was and is nothing to it, of course. But that hasn’t stopped the Democrats, whose sterling moral history of slavery, segregation, secularism, and sedition has prepared them for just this moment.

Don’t hold back, Michael, tell them what you really think.

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Comey makes surprising new claims in a disastrous Fox News interview.

Le Zone Rouge

A century after the war, an interesting example of how Twitter can be a useful medium for a photoessay.

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