Construction in slow motion; Bob Zimmerman notes the snail’s pace:

Orion’s budget these days is about $1 billion per year, with a total cost expected to reach $17 billion by the time the fourth capsule is built and launched in 2023, for a project first proposed in 2004.

In other words, it will take NASA and Lockheed Martin almost 20 years to build four capsules for the cost of $17 billion. That is absurd. Compare it to commercial space: The entire budget for all the commercial crew contracts, including both cargo contracts and the manned contract, is about half that, and will produce four different vehicles, all of which will be built and flying by 2019 at the latest. And in the case of Dragon and Cygnus, more than a dozen capsules have already flown.

Is there no one in Washington with the brain power to read these numbers and come to a rational decision about SLS/Orion? It costs too much and isn’t getting us into space. Moreover, at its pace and cost it isn’t doing anything to help the American aerospace industry. Better for Congress to put money into other things, or save it entirely and reduce the deficit and thus not waste it on this pork barrel garbage.

It’s not about building a capsule, or going to Mars. Or even beyond earth orbit.

History, And Consensus

Judith Curry has found an interesting paper:

The participation of historians in the climate debate is critical. This is a topic that I am extremely interested in, and we have all been highly appreciative of the original posts by Tony Brown, at CE and also at WUWT.

Apart from the eloquent comment sense in this Jenkins’ essay, he raises the issue of the Goldilocks Principle – what climate do we want? Does anyone want the cold miserable climate of the 17th and 18th centuries? I’m not even sure we want the climate of the 1930’s or 1950’s. Historians have a huge role to play in articulating what constitutes a desirable climate, both regionally and globally.

Yes, the easiest way to stump a warm monger is to ask them what the ideal climate is, what is the magic year we want to return to?

Hillary’s Server

..had emails on it containing information beyond top secret.

After what happened to Petraeus (and is currently happening), if she isn’t indicted for this, it will be beyond a travesty. And the end of the rule of law in this country.

[Update a few minutes later]

And the State Department has “found” thousands of new documents under FOIA from Judicial Watch.

[Update a while later]

Good lord, the IG had to be read into the program in order to read the emails.

I’m sure that the media is thrilled that Sarah Palin is endorsing Trump today, so they don’t have to report on this.

[Friday-morning update]

Michael Mukasey’s take: A criminal charge is justified. More than one, I’d say.


[Afternoon update]

Hillary’s unsecured server may have exposed a human intelligence asset.

Biting Commentary about Infinity…and Beyond!