Too Young To Vote

Instapundit says that what’s happening at Yale and in Columbia shows that we need to raise the voting age.

[Monday-morning update]

Glenn has changed his mind. It’s not the under-25s that are the problem. It’s the over-25s.


A Vegan, Liberal Environmentalist

How he went from climate promoter to climate skeptic.

It’s amazing how pathetic the warm mongers’ “arguments” are. It’s one of the ways you can tell it’s not science; it’s ideology and religion.

[Update a while later]

Bjorn Lomborg on the trivial effects of current climate proposals. But the economic impacts would be far from trivial.


My immediate hot take:

In general, it’s wise to say “We don’t know who did this or why and we shouldn’t speculate until we get all the facts.” In this case we know exactly who did it, and why. The French won’t be talking nonsense about “violent extremism.”

The (obviously) racist French have closed the borders. They are going to (GASP!) profile, to determine who can leave the country. For example, white (and probably many black) Americans will be allowed to leave. Adult male Algerians and Moroccans (and Syrians, to the degree that they’ve been invading recently) not so much.

This was an act of war, and I expect France to treat it as such. Unfortunately, with the apparent collapse of Westphalia, it won’t be obvious who to punish for it, but if ISIS takes “credit” for it, expect them to get a pounding in Syria and Iraq, Russians or no. And unlike us or Israel, the French know they will be immune from charges of “war crimes.”[Update a few minutes later]

#ProTip The French declaration of a state of emergency effectively suspends civil liberties.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Call me nuts, but I’m guessing that France, and Europe in general, is going to be tightening its Syrian-refugee policy as a result of this.

[Saturday-morning update]

Great timing, Barack: “We have contained [ISIS].” An asshat extraordinaire.

Also, oopsie, more bad timing: Al Gore in Paris this weekend for a summit on the “greatest challenge facing us,” too much plant food in the atmosphere.

Roger Simon: Why Paris happened. Yes, there don’t appear to be any world leaders today, least of all Barack Obama.

Mark Steyn: “The barbarians are inside, and there are no gates.”

And from Richard Fernandez: A Europe with no borders has taken a body blow:

It’s significant that the attacks occurred during a period of heightened alert associated with big soccer matches. French president Hollande himself was watching a game when he had to be unceremoniously shuttled to the safety of a government building. That suggests that French security forces and intelligence were genuinely surprised by the attack and therefore there exist terror networks they don’t know about capable of large-scale operations. Scotland Yard and MI5 must realize this and will inevitably be burning the midnight oil tonight.

DHS should be doing the same thing.

[Afternoon update]

Claire Berlinski checks in from Paris.

Back In LA

I was scheduled to come home this evening, but I had no other business in Seattle, and it turned out that Alaska lets you change flights same day for only $25, so I actually caught a 6 AM flight.

The bad news is that Fedora doesn’t seem to want to boot into the 4.2.5 kernel, in either Fedora 22 or Fedora 23 (I hoped upgrading to the latter would fix). It just bombs out and loops in a continual effort to boot. I had to revert to 4.1 to boot it. Not sure how to diagnose. I’ve seen hints that others are having similar problems in the Fedora fora, but no indication of what to do about it.

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