The Global Test

Are Obama and Kerry passing it? Gee, in the olden days, of Boooosh, having dozens of countries with us, but not France, was “going it alone.” Now, apparently France, and no one else (other than Turkey), is the World United.

And yes, I am back from Alaska, though we didn’t make it to Seward — the weather was too crummy — but we did take a walk in Kincaid Park in Anchorage, and saw a bull moose fifty feet off the trail. But we have relatives visiting for the weekend, so posting will remain spotty.

Modern Parenting

may hinder brain development.

On Saturday, we took a guided tour of the Denali Park HQ area. The ranger pointed out a rock where the children of the early park officians used to play, a century ago. “We’d never let them do that today,” she said. “Kids today aren’t as tough.”

I spoke up, and told her, “Kids today are just like kids in any other day. It’s the parents that are different.” Several of the (older) people in the group nodded.

Biting Commentary about Infinity…and Beyond!