A Fourteen-Year-Old Kid

makes Obama his dupe.

To be fair, almost anyone can do that. Obama’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. And when it comes to evidence that Amerikkka is a racist country, he’s eager to get fooled.

I don’t think the kid should have been arrested, but I also don’t think he should be lionized. It does appear more and more to be some kind of stunt.

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For me, this is mostly about the idiocracy of the public-school system, and its “zero-tolerance” insanity.

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The White House behaved stupidly:

Irving Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne “later noted that the president had tweeted about the case and invited Ahmed to the White House before the pictures of the clock were even publicly available. Obama made no attempt to contact her office before making public comments in support of the Muslim teen.”

The country’s in the very best of hands.

Trump Versus Fiorina

Who is the better businessperson?

I don’t really care, but it’s pretty clear to me that Fiorina would be a much better president. She’s at least willing to do her homework. And she’s not a boor with the mentality of a grade-school kid.

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It won’t change my vote, but this is the first coherent (and apparently long standing) position that Trump has taken with which I agree: A nationwide-ban on gun-ownership restrictions.

Yes, its a fundamental human and civil right.

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I’m not generally a big Vox fan, but Timothy Lee has some interesting facts about Fiorina and her career.


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Defining Fiorina. Interesting discussion in comments.


Dear Hillary

A debate over a law is never “over”:

As this debate moves forward toward the next election I would hope that Republicans and conservatives take the opportunity to remind voters that our entire system of government is, to varying degrees, a flexible and constantly shifting beast. Obamacare is, beyond question, the law of the land as it stands today. It’s also true that a couple of aspects of it have been challenged through the proper rules of order and have survived the test all the way to the highest court. But absolutely none of that has magically transformed this piece of legislation into some sort of natural law, essential human right or sacred text brought down on stone tablets from Mount Sinai.

The law of the land is as permanent as the voters decide it should be. Its expiration date may never come or it may be swept way with the next meeting of the legislature. There is no debate over the law which ever truly ends as long as there are those left who wish to debate it.

It’s almost as thought they want to silence dissent.

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