What Is It About “Progressives”?

…that makes them think it’s OK to ignore the law?

The country is in serious trouble when only one third of a major political party thinks that having a dictatorial president is a problem. Of course, if that president was George Bush, instead of the Lightworker, they’d probably think differently.

I’m one of those crazy people who think we should actually follow the Constitution. I thought that George W. Bush should have been impeached, or at least censured as a warning shot, for signing the “assault weapons” banMcCain-Feingold. Not for signing it per se — presidents sign unconstitutional laws all the time, sadly, but for doing so while openly admitting that he thought it was unconstitutional. In so doing, he violated his oath of office to defend the Constitution, which is everyone’s responsibility, and it can’t be punted to the Supreme Court.

Hillary’s Lesbian Hook Ups

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this was true. Bill was once famously quoted as saying that she had “eaten more p**sy than I have.” And despite the lurid nature of its stories, National Enquirer usually has it right (e.g., they were on to John Edwards’ affair long before any other news outlet wanted to talk about it). They’ve only been successfully sued for libel once, AFAIK.

By itself, it wouldn’t be a factor in my vote, but it will for a lot of people. Particularly since it would be just one more thing she’s being secretive about.

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