Today’s EPA Hearing On The Hill

I listened to some of it. Here is Judith Curry’s prepared testimony, and here are Moynihan’s live tweets.

The Democrats were sufficiently unhappy that they abandoned the hearing before it was over. They can’t handle the truth.

[Update in the afternoon]

Before he walked out, Professor Curry assisted one of the Democrats in beclowning himself.

[Update a few minutes later]

Post-hearing thoughts from her. I agree that the economist’s testimony was valuable, too. They basically told the Democrats that what the EPA plans to do would hit the poor hardest. Which is absolutely true.

SpaceX’s Latest “Failure”

Thoughts on why it was a spectacular success, from Bob Zimmerman.

By the way, the podcast of my talk on The Space Show is available.

Also, I’ll be on John Batchelor’s Hotel Mars segment tonight, at 6:30 PM PDT.

[Update a few minutes later]

Here’s the video, though it doesn’t show the tipping over.

[Afternoon update]

OK, here’s the best video yet. Looks like they may not get much back. Note the top thruster trying to keep it vertical, but lacking adequate thrust.

[Update a few minutes later]

Whoops. If you missed it, you missed it. They just made it private. But I think plenty of people saw it, so not sure what the point of hiding it is now.

[Update a few more minutes later]

OK, I’ve update with a new one that seems to have come back on line.

[Late-afternoon update]

Slow motion, color corrected. This looks official (I got it from Elon, via Amanda Stiles).

The SpaceX Launch

You can follow live here. Weather is looking good half an hour before liftoff, with no technical issues.

[Update after the launch]

Perfect primary mission, but they landed on the ship too hard to survive, according to Elon.

[Update almost an hour post launch]

[Update a little over an hour after the launch]

Thoughts from (SpaceX investor) Steve Jurvetson.

[Update a while later]

Lee Billings has the story over at SciAm.

[Update a while more later]

And here‘s the Space News report.

Climate Activists Versus Skeptics

I know you’ll be as shocked as I am to learn that social media has failed to bridge the gap. Actually, though, they buried the lede:

…tweeters with climate sceptic views are no more likely to post offensive comments than those who accept the basics of climate science.

Sceptics have long been accused of trolling, but Williams said the study indicated their minority status meant they were just more likely to interact with users they disagreed with.

“We found a lot of negativity, but when you crunch the numbers you find out they are no more likely to be negative than anyone else,” he said.

“There is a popular perception that sceptics must be irrational or unreasonable but this study doesn’t support that at all.”

You don’t say.

Free-Range Parenting

Seven reasons why “we” hate it.

Society has gone nuts.

[Tuesday-morning update]

Criminalizing childhood:

There’s something so disgustingly ironic about the fact that the only reason these “endangered” kids didn’t come home on time safely and their parents nearly had heart attacks is because the police and Child Protective Services decided to keep them from their parents for a couple hours without telling them. I wonder if someone thought they were teaching the parents a good lesson. Now, they’ll see what it’s like when their kids don’t come home. Good stuff, guys. There’s a word for this when anyone other than the state does it.

They are no doubt livid about this, but because they’re dealing with unpredictable people who have the power to take their children from them, they must stifle that anger and act in accordance with the state’s wishes. This includes never leaving their children unsupervised outside, which is antithetical to their parenting philosophy. Maryland law requires children be under the care of someone at least 13 years old, which would have made my babysitting of my brothers a punishable offense.

Tar. Feathers.

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