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Back In LA

At least until I can get the house ready to rent and head to Florida.

I didn’t get away as soon as I expected to, and hit some of the traffic coming back from Vegas. Perhaps more conference thoughts manana.

Checking In

The flight went as well as a red eye can, but I’m suffering from ASDD (Adult Sleep Deficit Disorder). As you can see, sometime this morning, the phone company fixed the line, and we now have not only voice, but a reasonable high-speed DSL connection.

More later.

Hard To Keep Up


Well, I see that Andrew has gone off on vacation without my permission. He can be sure that I’ll dock his pay nonetheless. Either that, or I may double it. Either way, his bank account won’t know the difference.

His only way out of this impotent punishment will be to provide some interesting posts on his visit to Woods Hole.

It’s particularly annoying because I’m too busy to post as well. I’m busy conjuring up affordable and sustainable architectures for exploring the solar system, made all the more difficult by innumerable (and probably incommensurable) political constraints. While I’m doing this more than full time, I’m also trying to get the California house ready to rent, and I’m going down to Florida in a couple days to help Patricia (who I haven’t seen since the beginning of the month) continue to unpack there and get the house ready to live in.

I’ll try to get up a post or two up in the next couple days, nonetheless. In the meantime, go over to Hobbyspace and RLV News (which still needs a new name), where Clark Lindsey always seems to have enough time to check out what’s going on.