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Marketing Blunder

Iain Murray notes that:

The New York Times is going to start charging for people to read its oped columns online. Projected annual income: two boxes of crackerjack and a signed photograph of Paul Krugman.

I’m willing to pay for Tierney, but I’d how much of a discount will they give me to have to read Dowd and Krugman? Otherwise, I’ll just pass completely.

An Amazing Thing

This ought to be framed, or perhaps displayed in a museum. It’s a (truly, perhaps in the best sense of the word) liberal reporter who actually seems to live up to the (usually absurd) claim that his politics don’t affect his reporting. He actually saw something wrong with the Al Franken gang diverting funds from poor children to their failed escapade. Can you imagine?

And his band of brothers in the press attempted to steal the story from him:

Last week Executive Editor Michael Horowitz called in to conservative radio host Sean Hannity

Just Stab Them, Dammit!

I’ve kvetched in the past about needlessly stupid things in science-fiction movies (needlessly in that they don’t even advance the plot, or necessarily add to the drama). Well, here’s someone who thinks the same thing about cinematic swordplay.

If the purpose of lightsaber fight choreography is simply to convey drama and excitement within the context of a story, then choreographers feel they’ve done their job well. But, from my point of view, if a lightsaber fight is supposed to convince the viewer that individuals of great skill are really trying to kill one another with laser swords while using supernatural powers that heighten their senses and physical abilities, well, they fail miserably.

[via Geek Press]