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AOL Free Soon

AOL is pushing the nation to broadband by decreasing the gap between broadband AOL and regular AOL by $15/month. This seems like the biggest and last key tipping point toward US broadband. Dialup AOL will stay the same price. They expect to make up the subscriber fee losses in increased advertising revenue. This will be a tricky transition, but if successful, we could be watching Warner content over the web. TV sales and ad sales could indeed make this a good idea.

In the mean time, AOL is about to give millions of people $180/year. According to WSJ:

Of AOL’s 18.6 million domestic subscribers, about six million get their Internet access from a high-speed provider … AOL would let subscribers with a high-speed connection keep their AOL account free.

Between the Bill Gates foreign policy and the AOL fiscal policy, private America is stealing a march on the Federal Government.