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Admiral McRaven To The American People

“There are countries that do not tolerate speech critical of the government and its institutions. There are countries where citizens who publicly disagree with the actions of the government and its institutions are condemned as disloyal citizens, investigated and tried. There are countries where people with political views that differ from those of the governing authorities are subject to governmental abuse and ruin just because of their political opinions. We have a name for these countries. They are totalitarian.

Campus Anti-Semitism

It’s nothing new.

In addition, the New York Times covered for both Hitler and Stalin.

[Update a while later]

Campus protesters have experienced some kind of psychiatric break.

It certainly appears that way. They are demonstrably nuts.

[Thursday-morning update]

The real cause of anti-Semitism on campus.

And a survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution says that the Red Guards are back.