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Joe Biden’s Climate Idiocy

Mike Shellenberger fact checks it.


The totalitarian state.

If it seceded, we’d be out of here ASAP, because the Constitution is the only thing holding these fascists back.

[Wednesday-morning update]

Is California at peak progressive? I hope so.


[Thursday-morning update]

The slow, painful death of California.

[Late-morning update]

Mike Solana: Extract, or die.

When I first saw the title, I thought it would be about the need of the state to utilize its energy resources. But nope. It’s an excoriation of San Francisco’s government.

[Christmas-morning update]

Rural CA to Newsom: “Kiss our ass.”

All I want for Christmas is a citizens’ revolt against tyranny. As Mike Rowe says, safety third.

[Update a few minutes later]

In the state just to the north, patriots are starting to water the tree of liberty.

Jill Biden’s “Doctorate”

It’s garbage because her dissertation is garbage.

Other than Michael Mann, I don’t know any PhD physicists who insist on being called “Dr.” That vanity is reserved for less secure people with lesser degrees.

[Update a while later]

Hans Bader isn’t impressed, either.

[Update early afternoon]

[Saturday-afternoon update]

Jill Biden: “I worked really hard on this.”

She doesn’t realize that makes it even worse.