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To Kids Who “Identify As White”

If your public school is telling you to attend a CRT struggle session, simply tell them that you don’t identify as white. Then watch them twist themselves into logical knots attempting to describe why they don’t believe you. It will drive them nuts, because the whole point of the exercise is to accuse you of white supremacy and white privilege, and if you deny being white, how can they do that without revealing their own intrinsic anti-white racism? After all, the only basis they have for it is the supposed color of your skin (these days, even if you’re Asian).

The Rot At The Times

I wish I were surprised by this:

“But Donald,” Dean said, “you’ve lost the newsroom. A lot of your colleagues are hurt. A lot of them won’t work with you. Thank you for writing the apology. But we’d like you to consider adding to it that you’re leaving.”

“WHAT?” I said loudly. “ARE YOU KIDDING? You want me to leave after 40-plus years? Over this? You know this is bullshit. You know you looked into it and I didn’t do the things they said I did, I wasn’t some crazy racist, I was just answering the kids’ questions.”

“Donald, you’ve lost the newsroom. People won’t work with you.”

“What are you talking about?” I said. “Since when do we get to choose who we work with?”

“Donald, you’ve had a great year, you’re still up for a Pulitzer.”

If Baquet had had a pair, he’d have told any of these children in adult bodies who didn’t want to work with him that they were welcome to seek other employment.