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“The Worst Mistake Of The Human Race”

This essay by Jared Diamond is a quarter of a century old, but it’s still worth pondering, particularly as we now know much more about just how bad for our health grains are. I think, though, that he misses a key benefit of agriculture — the fact that it has allowed us to produce billions of people. Minds are a resource, even if we poorly utilize most of them. The more people we have, the likelier we are to come up with new true advances. I’m pretty sure that absent agriculture, technology would not have advanced much, and we’d be nowhere near the position we’re in now — about to finally expand off the planet, and attain the capability of preventing a species-destroying event.

Being Heart Healthy

with coffee?

I’ve never been a coffee drinker — it always seemed like an addiction to me, and I don’t want become one of those people who can’t function in the morning without it. I’d like to see the numbers on this study to determine whether or not it would be worth taking up the habit, given that I chose very bad parents when it comes to heart problems (though my general lifestyle is much different than theirs as well, since I’ve never smoked, and have a much better diet).