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More October Surprises

In the last week of the campaign, they’re coming fast and furious. Iowahawk has the latest roundup:


Then-airman George W. Bush was reprimanded by superiors for a drunken 1972 AWOL incident in which he dragged a helpless James Byrd behind his F-101, according to a new Texas Air National Guard document found in an Abeline, Texas Kinkos restroom.

The newly unsealed document, which several experts have now verified as typewritten, resurrected nagging questions about Bush’s disputed controversial “military service,” his drug and alcohol abuse, and his role in the slaying of Byrd.

The document shows that Bush earned a stern reprimand from a commanding officer, 6-Star General Smith, who remarks that “Dude, that is so not cool.”

Smith goes on to recommend that Bush “freeze the dude’s body, so like later on you can be governor and blame it on some rednecks, and then have those guys executed.”

Endless Conspiracies

Now we know how they do it. I knew they weren’t smart enough to come up with these on their own.

My first attempt:

George W. Bush invaded Iraq so that oil companies and the Christian Coalition could kill Al Franken.

Try it, it’s fun for the whole family! Well, at least if you’re a member of the Kennedy or Moore family.

I’m not sure that it’s possible to generate one that at least a few moonbats over at DU wouldn’t buy.


Has a response to the Guardian, thanking them for their election advice:

Anyhoo, thanks alot for the election advice and stuff. Boy, you made some really good points (even tho I didn’t understand all the confusing England-style words) but Reverend Falwell said on the Fox TV that G-d will punish us with commies and terrorist and negros and AIDS, etc., if we don’t elect President Bush.

He also has a scoop on the latest injustice in New York.