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What Elon Should Do About Twitter

EFF has some suggestions.

[Tuesday-morning update]

Elon conquers the Twitterverse.

[Update Wednesday morning]

The great Musk Twitter meltdown.


[Update a couple minutes later]

Eccentric billionaire does more for free speech in one day than Republican politicians have in decades.

[Update a few minutes later]

Musk’s acquisition is making academia angry and nervous.


[Update a while later]

The week in pictures, Muskageddon edition.

[Late-morning update]

The need for Elon.

“…The likelihood of skewed priorities with the operational mindset within a company that displays this kind of lack of viewpoint diversity is stratospheric. When a GOP donor is harder to find on the payroll than a vegan cannibal, you have to expect that a uniform level of thinking would become entrenched. When every single person in the offices sits in the same bubble, those overseeing the enforcement of the terms of service will not question things when questionable decisions are made…”