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The Massacre That Didn’t Happen

Apparently it was just like Jenin, except it took a lot longer to debunk, and the media played along, as usual.

In the case of Haditha, the terrorists’ media strategy worked and caused a lot of problems. An anti-war congressman claimed that a cover-up of cold-blooded murder by the Marines occurred. There was a controversy that has gone on for a number of months. And al Qaeda will come away with articles about massacres that never happened. It is a partial media victory for the terrorists


Adriana Lukas writes about the ideology of the BBC (and no doubt many of their counterparts in the US):

“…we were not just anti-Macmillan; we were anti-industry, anti-capitalism, anti-advertising, anti-selling, anti-profit, anti-patriotism, anti-monarchy, anti-Empire, anti-police, anti-armed forces, anti-bomb, anti-authority. Almost anything that made the world a freer, safer and more prosperous place, you name it, we were anti it.”