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Speaking Of Democrat Space Enthusiasts…

I wonder if this Paula Berinstein is this Paula Berinstein?

Let those Democratic leaders who think their party should show more religious faith and moderate its stand on abortion know this: If the Democratic Party does so, it will lose millions of lifelong members like me.

Moving to the right is not the answer. The Democrats got 48 percent of the vote in the 2004 presidential election. They don’t need to change their positions. They need to take control of the debate, get their voters to the polls and make sure that Republicans don’t pull dirty tricks.

If the Democratic Party moves to the right, I will defect to the Green Party, as will many of my friends and family.

Paula Berinstein
Thousand Oaks, Calif., Nov. 17, 2004

That’s the problem that the Dems have. They may not be able to gain in the center without losing more heavily their base.

[Via Jim Geraghty]

Pot-Kettle Alert

This line in Richard Morin’s column about the election exit polls has bent the needle on my irony meter hard to starboard.

…rather than flog the bloggers for rushing to publish the raw exit poll data on their Web sites, we may owe them a debt of gratitude. A few more presidential elections like this one and the public will learn to do the right thing and simply ignore news of early exit poll data. Then perhaps people will start ignoring the bloggers, who proved once more that their spectacular lack of judgment is matched only by their abundant arrogance.

I wonder if he’s ever accused Dan Rather of arrogance? In a sane world, his picture would accompany the dictionary definition of the word.

Two Hats?

It just occurs to me that Condi doesn’t necessarily have to give up her White House job when she takes over Foggy Bottom. Henry Kissinger was simultaneously National Security Advisor and Secretary of State for two years. I haven’t heard about potential replacements for her current position. I wonder if the White House is thinking what I’m thinking, or if they just haven’t gotten around to announcing her replacement yet.