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Is Kerry Troughing Too Soon?

It’s almost become a cliche in politics about a candidate peaking too soon, but the opposite seems to be happening to Kerry, at least from the standpoint of the Republicans. If it were really true that this were part of the Republican Attack Machine™ they wouldn’t be instigating the medal meltdown now–they’d wait until after the convention, when it’s too late.

There’s a serious danger that the Dems may abandon Kerry if he’s tanking too much in late spring, and replace him with a serious candidate (e.g., Lieberman or Biden). In fact, I wonder if the current medal feeding frenzy means that the press has decided that Kerry doesn’t have a chance, and they’re turning on him now in the hopes that they can make it happen.

On the other hand, given the internecine state of the party, it’s not clear that they can really come up with a better one at this point. Hillary might be eyeing it, but I think that her negatives remain too high to win. People may have forgotten her shady past by 2008, but not yet.


Here’s an example of Donkey enthusiasm for their candidate (warning: language).

Too Compassionate

Glenn wonders why Bush hasn’t fired Tenet. Me, too. Of course, if I’d been president, I’d have replaced him before 911, along with a lot of other Clinton holdovers.

I think that it’s one of his weaknesses–he barely seems capable of firing anybody. The only ones that I can think of that he has are Paul O’Neill, and Jay Garner.

Anyway, if Woodward is correct on this, and Tenet really did convince Bush that Iraqi WMD was a “slam dunk,” what does that do to the credibility of the “Bush lied, people died” crowd, or those who bellow about him “betraying the country”? Not that they ever had much to begin with, of course.