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Senator Kerry displayed the middle digit to a fellow Vietnam veteran who disagreed with his post-service behavior.

In front of schoolchildren.

He also accused him (without basis, as far as I know) of being “a felon.”

[Update on Wednesday afternoon]

I’m going to amend this post to “Newsmax claims that Senator Kerry displayed…” since I can’t find any other sources for the story. I still don’t find it out of character, though.

[Wednesday evening followup]

Here’s some more on the story, but unfortunately, it’s still Newsmax.

Wacky Politics

I’m hearing that John Effing Kerry is going to accept the nomination at, of all strange places and times, the convention. What a weird world we live in, that this is big news.

Actually, I think that he declined to accept it there before he decided to accept it there. We’ll see how many times he changes his mind again between now and July.

And for those who didn’t see it via Glenn or other places, Mickey has a pretty funny (and vicious) take on this (no obvious permalink–look for the May 26th, 2004 posting if you’re reading this from the future).

The Other Pete Knight

Andrew, Pete Knight certainly deserves to be recognized as a pilot and a space pioneer, but he was also a very controversial political figure in California. He was the driving force behind the legislation to keep gay marriage illegal (the law that the San Francisco mayor was flouting earlier this year), and he was regularly denounced by the left as a rabid right-wing homophobe (I don’t know to what degree that’s true, but considering the sources of much of the criticism, I’m inclined to think that he wasn’t as much of a neanderthal as his political enemies made him out to be).