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Bill Clinton Calls Modern Democrats Unpatriotic

One of the favorite tactics of Democrats is to whine about being called “traitors” and “unpatriotic” when they criticize the administration or the war. Or the troops. And what’s frustrating about this is that for the most part it’s a strawman, because I’ve always perceived that in fact few supporters of the war and the administration actually do this.

But it turns out I was wrong. I have found an actual instance of it:

I say to you, all of you…there is nothing patriotic about hating your country, or pretending that you can love your country but despise your government.

I want to go on the record, however, and say that (as is usually the case) I disagree with him.

Brave People

Debunking Mao, in Berkeley:

The husband-and-wife team of Chang and Halliday supported their archival research with interviews with 150 former Mao lieutenants, concluding that Mao was not only bloodier than Hitler or Stalin but worse in his destruction of culture.

The unrepentent commies and Maoists who (sadly) still infest the place are, needless to say, upset.

The Emily Litella Court

The Supreme Court’s Raich ruling last year was a disaster not just for federalism (and freedom), and the founders’ original notion of limited government, but for coherent judicial philosophy in general. Professor Reynolds (and Brandon Denning) explain explain why:

As a practical matter, of course, Supreme Court control over the lower courts has been notional for some time. Lower court caseloads have been exploding, while the Supreme Court is actually hearing fewer cases than it did decades ago. But the Supreme Court