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From Cat Lady…

…to dog mom.

We did the same thing when we put Jessica down. The vet told us that it was illegal, but that if we took her with us, she wouldn’t know what we did with her. We dug a hole three feet deep in the back yard (fortunately, it never gets cold enough to make it hard to dig in coastal southern California). But Stella was cremated (we still have the ashes), and Rerun was as well, though we didn’t get the ashes. I don’t want Ashe and Ember, now two years old, to outlive us, but I don’t look forward to losing them, either.

Anyway, Mary Katherine (who I had the pleasure of meeting about fourteen years ago) has had a rough few years, through no fault of her own. I’m happy to see her life back on track.

To Kids Who “Identify As White”

If your public school is telling you to attend a CRT struggle session, simply tell them that you don’t identify as white. Then watch them twist themselves into logical knots attempting to describe why they don’t believe you. It will drive them nuts, because the whole point of the exercise is to accuse you of white supremacy and white privilege, and if you deny being white, how can they do that without revealing their own intrinsic anti-white racism? After all, the only basis they have for it is the supposed color of your skin (these days, even if you’re Asian).