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First African American Presidential Candidate from a Major Party?

Thomas Jefferson and the other major party candidates for the election of 1800. Washington didn’t approve of political parties. At least according to my read of the census definition:

A person having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa….

My understanding of current thinking on evolution is that we all have origins in Black racial groups of Africa. And that this is our only origin in a period spanning tens of thousands to millions of years.

Dopey and Dazed


Does anyone find it dissonant that Iowan Democrats gave a victory to an admitted marijuana user to become President and the Senate is letting him keep his seat, while denying money to college students convicted of possessing illegal drugs?

The question that is begged is, “Does prior marijuana use help the chances of a Presidential candidate?”


Obama’s last speech had a fog index of 8.17 (higher is more academic). McCain, 8.14 (most recent 4 weeks old on hydrogen?!); Clinton, 9.5; Giuliani, 11.6; No speeches I could find on the Huckabee site, just responses to opponents jabs, his foreign affairs article got 13.05.

My prior beliefs were that veterans like Giuliani would speak at the lowest level of diction and Obama and Clinton would use their race and sex as license to be less “regular guys” and more intellectual. That the leaders for New Hampshire are the candidates with the lowest Fog index tells me that the other campaigns need to use the K.I.S.S. formula: “Keep it simple, stupid!”