When Cow Guts Fly

I know that this is the kind of hard-hitting story that people come to this site for.

An Alberta man is going to fling a haggis across the Bow River, in Calgary. He’s developed a special launcher just for the purpose.

I have no other comment, but I’ll let the other bloggers have at it, particularly those from the Great White North. And you’re not allowed any comments about not being able to stomach it–the Sun already used that one…

Anti-War Against Anti-Idiotarians

A lot of bloggers have been discussing Justin Raimondo’s little anti-blogger rant today (no, I’m not going to grant him the dignity of a link). Most were apparently previously unfamiliar with him. I’ve seen his stuff for years, because it’s often posted over at Free Republic by Buchanan types, (which is a great site for picking up interesting stories, if you can avoid getting caught up in the gay-bashing, war-on-some-drugs, and evolution threads–this site would be less interesting, assuming that’s possible, if I didn’t browse over there a few times a day…).

Justin actually did a little drive-by shooting at this site the other day, though I didn’t mention it at the time. And I, like many other bloggers, got the little email ad from his site pointing me to his diminutive stomping of feet.

I’ve never read anything by him that resulted in any sense of enlightenment afterwards. And I’m not even going to bother to dignify his ravings by responding to them specifically. My advice is to ignore him, which is what he hates more than anything. I probably shouldn’t have even killed this many electrons over it.

The Chemtrail (Plot) Thickens

Reader Steven Parsons helpfully provides me with a URL that has lots of “chemtrail” links, if one does a site search. Here’s a representative example.

Bear in mind that this site has ads for magnetic sleeping pads and EMF protection equipment (doesn’t state whether they are of tinfoil or other material). It also has discussions on sightings of other rare items, like ET-mobiles, cattle mutilations, crop circles, and economically-literate Democrats.

Well, OK, actually, that last was a little joke. No one’s ever even reported a credible sighting of one of those…

Biting Commentary about Infinity…and Beyond!