More Questions For Osama (from Larry King)

Glenn Reynolds has a great list of questions for Osama–much better than CNN’s. I’m just glad that Larry King didn’t get the Osama interview. Here are the questions he might have asked. (Use your imagination for the voice)

  1. What was it like, growing up in such a big family?
  2. Does it bother you that none of your brothers or sisters have the same mother?
  3. Do you ever talk to them–what do they think about your profession?
  4. It must have been kind of a thrill to see those buildings fall down like that. Were you surprised?
  5. Does it make you feel bad to listen to all these people around the world who are angry with you?
  6. What’s it like living in a cave? How do you do the laundry? Do you have someone come in once a week and sprinkle fresh dirt?
  7. Do you really have a tiny penis?