More Airline Insecurity

Reading my post about the NPR piece this morning, Jim Bennett also writes:

I’ll note that at Heathrow, they have had special security lines for elite and first class flyers for as long as I’ve been going there; it’s one of the best perks of my Premier card. I have often wished they’d do it in the States.

Yes. One of the many things that really infuriates me about the airline security debate is that liberals and Democrats are usually trying to foist stuff on us because, “we’re the only major industrialized country that still does X (e.g., death penalty, health care, etc.) in this neanderthal way. Why can’t we get with the program and do it like our socialist friends the Europeans do?”

Yet when it comes to one of the few things that the Europeans actually do get sort of right, they no longer think that they’re a worthy model to emulate. Go figure.