Black-Segway Amish

A conversation with UPI columnist Jim Bennett triggered this thought–could we come up with an unostentatious version of a Segway vehicle that could promote another split in the Amish? For sects that already use electricity, or drive non-chromed cars, it wouldn’t be that much of a leap. It’s a pretty high-tech device, so it’s not clear how “tinkerable” it will be.

I’m imagining the non-gloss black Segway, with a black-clothed farmer astride it, and the big yellow safety triangle on the back (see, another need for a bumper, though the cup holder would almost certainly be unholy), cruising slowly down the road at twelve miles an hour, being passed by “the English” on their souped-up, aerodynamic versions at twice that speed.

Its bumper sticker?

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