Puerto Rican Bloggin’

Buena’ dia’ (that’s how they say it down here–for some reason Puerto Ricans drop the trailing “s” on many words–it’s a dialect thing).

Will Vehrs compliments my meager efforts (thanx), and comments that he didn’t know this was a PR-based blog. Well, that’s understandable, because it’s actually not. It’s a transterrestrial blog (hopefully to become an interglobal blog sometime in the future). I blog wherever I am.

Much of the time I’m in southern California, but I spend time down here because Patricia is working on a job here (Tren Urbano–an urban rail project in San Juan). I’ll be back in Redondo Beach next week, and then in Missouri and possibly Michigan for the holidays.

Who knows where I’ll be next year? New York? Cork? Only time will tell…

Anyway like the old saying goes, wherever I go, there I am, with my weblog.