XCOR Test Flight Live

Darrin Kagan announced at the top of the hour that CNN will broadcast live the latest test flight of the XCOR EZ-Rocket sometime between 8 and 9 PST (i.e., within the next half hour, though it may be delayed).

[Update 8:53 AM PST]

Apparently they’re sorting out some engine problems, so there’s a flight delay. Still expected to go, though according to announcements. They’ve been taking the opportunity to interview Dick Rutan on other current aviation-related events (i.e., recent military plane crashes). Unfortunately, they’re also covering the “rink-rage” trial. Now there’s a pressing story…

[12:25 PST Update]

Sorry for the delay–I had to run out for a dental appointment. Apparently the burn went well, but they didn’t broadcast it live–CNN thought that Ari’s press conference was more important. I’ve heard that they’ve been showing tape replays of it, however.

And here’s a link to the story at the CNN website.