If You Want A Friend In Washington, Get A Dog

For those who were complaining about some peoples’ (including moi) “insensitive” comments about the recent departure of the Clinton canine, here’s an interesting little nugget from Andrew Sullivan’s lunch with Dick Morris.

I also inquired about Buddy. All Dick said was that he had never seen Clinton so much as touch a dog in private. Figures.

Assuming that you believe Dick Morris (I always will, when it comes to his word against that of an admitted perjurer), this is why I had no compunction about Buddy commentary. Like his Wyoming vacation, or tears-on-command at Ron Brown’s funeral, Buddy was a show dog–Clinton probably ran a focus group beforehand to figure out which breed he should get.

I feel bad for Buddy, but he’s in a better place now. It’s hard for me to work up much sympathy for a sociopath.