It’s Not Selling, Tom

The latest Opinion Dynamics Poll is out at Fox News. It’s mostly good news for the Republicans–other than the environment, health care, and social security, they have the confidence of the poll respondents. On military affairs it’s overwhelming–only 16% would trust the Democrats more. So unless they can make those three issues the dominant ones this year, hopes for taking back the House (and maybe even retaining the Senate) look dim for them right now.

But the worst near-term news for the Dems is that it looks like a majority sees through the demagoguery.

35. Do you agree or disagree with those who say Democrats would rather use the economic downturn as an election issue than work to improve the economy?

Agree: 52%

Disagree: 30%

Not Sure: 18%

I think that Plurality Leader Daschle is playing a losing hand here…