With Friends Like These, Part Deux

Brian puts up a laughable response to our commentary on his overhyping of the Ken Lay/GWB connection.

Rand Simberg, Dawson and Glenn Reynolds appear to have been reading the “Clinton Death List” a little too often,

This is called a “non sequitur,” as only two of the names on the list are dead, as far as I know. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that I’ve ever read the “Clinton Death List.”

as they claim that the former president’s list of nefarious friends and associates was much worse than the current Bush association with Lay. Weirdo conspircay theory aside, the list presented by Rand doesn’t amount to a hill ‘o beans compared to the devastation that the multi-billion dollar, Ken Lay directed scam has wrought. Devastation to employees, shareholders, their families, local economies, and ultimately to the entire tax paying public.

The taxpaying public? How does this affect the “entire tax paying public”?

Of course, I also quit before I even started to get to all the Chinese money, and James Riady, and Bernie Schwarz, which resulted in quite a bit of illicit technology acquisition that may in fact have more devastating effects down the road than a company going bankrupt.

Look at Rand’s list. Other than Web Hubbell and the McDougals, do you recognize anyone?

So it’s OK to hang with con-men, gangsters and hoodlums, as long as they’re not household names (primarily because a Clinton-worshiping media made sure that they remained obscure)?

And as Charles Dodgson points out, Bush has started his own list of lesser riff raff with his recess appointment of Otto Reich.

Not sure how Reich qualifies for the rogues gallery, so this seems to be another non sequitur.

But Brian is in such a pathetically untenable position here, that out of kindness, I will give him Neil Bush.