More Revisionism

Josh Marshall makes an interesting statement in his comment on my recent post about Mr. Clinton’s friends and business associates.

He states, as though it were a fact, that:

The post (on another blog) lists Marc Rich, the McDougals, and even people like David Hale, who, if you actually follow these things, you know had little if any actual connection to Clinton — as opposed to fictive connections manufactured later, etc. etc. etc.

I will grant that Marc Rich was probably not a close associate of Mr. Clinton, since he wasn’t allowed in the country (as far as we know)–Mr. Clinton simply received money in exchange for a pardon, on at least the appearance.

And it is possible, if one wishes to engage in extreme wishful thinking, to believe that Mr. Clinton was technically innocent of any crimes in Whitewater (though it strains the credulity of anyone truly familiar with the record). But to think that nothing shady occurred, or that Mr. Clinton had little or no connection to David Hale or the McDougals, who were his documented business partners, is delusional.

My respect for Mr. Marshall’s opinions has diminished considerably.