The Dog Ate Lennox Lewis’ Foot

Well, today’s the big day for Iron Mikey. He has to explain his behavior at last week’s press conference to the Nevada Boxing Commission.

I was a little disappointed in the contest response, but here are the results:

In addition to my original post title (“But honest, folks, I thought that it was my own foot in my mouth–it usually is”):

Matthew Renner submits:

He said he hadn’t had a bite all day.

and we had five entries from “Charlie”:

Y’know, ever since the Holyfield thing…well, you know what they say: “Once you’ve had living human flesh, you never go back.”

I didn’t mean nothin’ by it…I was just givin’ him a good-luck hickey.

OK, OK, here’s why it happened: all I was doin’ was… (pointing) Hey, look, Don King’s havin’ a heart attack! (runs out the side door)

Nuh-uh, it was really a snake that bit him, not me. I was tryin’ to suck the poison out, ya stoopid.

Wasn’t me, it was Marv Albert.

I’m not sure what time the hearing is, so you may still have one more chance to help out. Just click on the “comment” link.

[Update at 4:30 PM PST]

Well, he didn’t get his license back (boo hoo).

He should have tried some of our excuses. At least it would have been more entertaining.