Now They’ve Gone Too Far

According to Iowahawk, the academic fraud epidemic is approaching critical mass.


…the ongoing feud between Harvard President Lawrence O’Neill and star African-American Studies professor Cornell West. Last year West threatened to lead an exodus of Harvard’s black faculty to Princeton after O’Neill obliquely criticized West’s recording of a hip hop album.

According to sources, O’Neill accused West of being a “punkass newjack sucka MC,” having “whack flow” and “not representin.'”

West angrily defended his rapping skills, retorting that “Tha C-dog be rollin’ hard and gots his shizit on point” and that he was a “Ninja on the mic.” He accused O’Neill of jealousy and sexual impotence, noting that “old punk fool can’t get no fly hos like the C-dog.”

The bitterness over the incident has subsided, but tempers flared briefly when West, O’Neill and their posses crossed paths in Harvard Square after a faculty hydraulic car-bouncing competition.


“Unlike that old adage about doers-versus-teachers, I have marketable skills outside academics,” says Agee.

“If worst comes to worst,” he explains, “there’s always journalism.”