Still In Denial

In an article in Salon last week, Josh Marshall displayed his tendency to check his brains at the door when it comes to the Clintons. The full article is only available as a “premium” (i.e., you have to pay cash money for it), but I didn’t bother, because this (free, thankfully) excerpt leads me to conclude that it’s worth less than nothing:

The final report into the Whitewater investigation released Wednesday by the Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) confirmed what had been known for some time — that after all the tens of millions of dollars and eight years of investigation, the OIC found no evidence of any criminal activity on the part of Bill or Hillary Clinton in the various dealings that fell under the catchall heading of “Whitewater.”

As I already pointed out previously, if Josh really believes this, he’s delusional, or he didn’t read the report (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and not simply call him a liar). And when a couple of Washington Post reporters tried the same thing the other day, their on-line headline later had to be revised to reflect reality.

Contrary to finding “no evidence of any criminal activity,” Mr. Ray actually found quite a bit–he just didn’t think that he had enough to get a conviction. But, as is the case with all Clinton liars and spinners, “insufficient” evidence somehow gets transmogrified into “none,” and it’s just a witchhunt on those poor paragons of virtue by the evil rightwingers.

Well, Josh, by your own standards, I find no evidence that you are a serious journalist.