Get Them Into Anger Management…

Don’t ask me why, but I’m listening to Jerry Rivers on Greta’s show. The internal idiocy pressure has built up, and the pressure relief valve below his nose has opened.

He repeats the same nonsense that we hear from most liberal commentators. It’s difficult to make peace because we have two people–Sharon and Arafat–who hate each other too much to make a deal. That’s the problem–it’s just a personality conflict.

No, Jerry, it’s not a personality conflict. It doesn’t matter who’s in charge of Israel. Yasser is not going to do any deal that doesn’t position him to destroy Israel. Period. End of sentence.

What you have is one leader who wants his state to survive, and another who wants that same state to end. There is no compromise here. Arafat doesn’t (just) want a Palestinian state. He wants a permanent solution to the problem of a Jewish state in any land that he considers Palestine. Until Jerry, and the other journalists, recognize this fundamental fact, the reportage from the region will continue to be skewed and bizarre.