Blogspot Watch Update

I’ve added a new feature to Blogspot Watch. Now, in addition to telling you whether it’s up or down, I’m logging the ups and downs, and using them to calculate the percentage of down time for the past twenty-four hours. I display this at the bottom of my link list, just above the “Moveable Type” ad. As I type this, Blogspot just came back up after a twelve-minute outage. The percentage downtime over the past twenty four hours is 16.3%.

For those who are interested, the log itself can be viewed here.

[Update at 11:09 AM PDT]

Per popular request (i.e., one person asked me, and no one has objected), I’ve moved all the Blogspot status stuff to the same place, just to the left (until this message scrolls down). I’ve also added a permalink to the log.

I should also note, that if you see a 0.0%, that’s not because Ev magically healed it. That’s the default number in the template, which appears whenever I do a page update (adding or editing posts). Note that the default traffic signal is green also, so a 0.0% means that blogspot isn’t necessarily up, even though the signal says it is (the way it’s been lately, maybe I should make the red signal the default…)

Any, just check back in a minute or so, and you’ll see the right number, with the correct blogspot status, after the background script does its update. Another way to check is to view the log, and see what the last entry was (up or down).