Australian “Acadmic” Petition Update

It’s over 1600 now, and much of it is classic. Someone should archive it before they pull it down out of pique.

Susan Sarandon: Oh, of course, I’m all for this petition. I am for all oppressed people everywhere. My Mexican cleaning lady is my best friend in the whole world. Well, she was until I caught her stealing the silver. I’m sure the new one will work out just fine. Mercedes, I identify with your struggle against globalization. Now please go scrub the toliet.

Neville Chamberlain: Nothing like a little appeasment to clear up the situation I always say. Hold up a piece of paper blather on about it guarenteeing “peace in our time” and voila! crazed dictators and facisists everywhere lay down their weapons and begin dancing around the maypole. Keep up the good work Aussie profs! Someday as nukes start dropping on all of Western civilization you will realize how right you are. For me it was the glorious day of 9/1/1939…..

John Docker: I am quite vexed. I thought I would become the next Noam Chomsky and fly around the world pontificating about subjects I know nothing about. I thought Susan Sarandon would invite me to her house to meet great intellectuals like Michael Moore and Ralph Nader and the lady who sings “Puff the Magic Dragon.” But the petition has been ruined. I have to go back to teaching 18 year old Aussie nitwits who fall asleep during my lectures. Ghassan is under his desk, weeping bitterly.

[Update, a few minutes later]

OK, I’ve saved everything through sixteen hundred or so to a local drive, so at least we’ll have that many if they decide to throw in the towel and pull it down.