My Teen Sex Two Bits

All right, all right. I’ll weigh in on the teen s3x issue, since it seems to be hot topic du jour (or at least a jour or two ago).

My only comment is that the fact that it’s “natural” doesn’t make it good. Rape is natural, too. As is homos3xual s3x, if you’re homos3xual. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with disapproving of things, even if they’re natural. The fact that it’s natural has no utility in determining the “should.” It does mean that it will make it more difficult to repress, if that’s a societal goal.

But I do agree that the debate has to be have higher resolution–to simply talk about “teen s3x,” without addressing the many ages and circumstances of teens, is to wield a policy bludgeon, when what is needed is a scalpel.