Just An Oversized Buzzard

Some of the latest thinking about T. Rex was that it was a scavenger of carrion, rather than a predator.

“I believe it was a scavenger pure and simple because I can’t find any evidence to support the theory that it was a predator,” paleontologist Jack Horner said at the opening on Thursday of “T-Rex — the killer question.”

Horner, the inspiration for scientist Alan Grant — played by Sam Neill — in Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park,” said the lumbering giant was too slow, its arms too small and its sight too poor to catch anything moving.

Another fact from childhood down the drain. Fantasia will never be the same.

[Update on Friday at 4 PM PDT]

Reader (and Transterrestrial site designer) Bill Simon points out this discussion on the subject raging in the comments section.