Toppling Dietary Gods

Rear-guard defenders of the food pyramid and conventional nutrition have always claimed that the only thing that matters about diet is the caloric intake, and that protein/carb ratio is irrelevant. Now there’s been a scientific study that proves them wrong.

“A lot of our assumptions about a calorie is a calorie are being challenged,” said Marlene Schwartz of Yale. “As scientists, we need to be open-minded.”

Others, though, found the data hard to swallow.

“It doesn’t make sense, does it?” said Barbara Rolls of Pennsylvania State University. “It violates the laws of thermodynamics. No one has ever found any miraculous metabolic effects.”

Well, sorry, Barbara, apparently someone just did.

It doesn’t violate laws of thermodynamics at all. It only violates the conventional wisdom of folks like you, whose nostrums have been keeping people unhealthy for decades.