“The Senator Needs You To Move”

Mark Steyn has Senator Kerry pegged:

Kerry now says that Bush “misled” him on Iraq. But, if he was that easily suckered by a renowned moron, how much more susceptible would he be to such wily operators as Chirac. They would speak French to each other, and Jacques would blow soothingly in his ear, and Kerry would look flattered, and there’d be lots of resolutions and joint declarations, and nothing would happen. We’d be fighting the war on terror through the self-admiring inertia of windbag multilateralism.

As for the home front, Kerry says: “As President, I will not evade or equivocate; I will immediately implement the recommendations of that [the 9/11] commission.” Whoa, hold on there. There’s a ton of recommendations, and some of us don’t like the part about concentrating all US intelligence under one cabinet secretary who serves not at the President’s pleasure but for a fixed term. That effectively institutionalises the groupthink resistance to alternative ideas that led to the 9/11 failures. Leadership is about hearing different viewpoints and reaching a judgment. But Kerry gives the impression that, as long as he enjoys the perks of the top job, he’s happy to subcontract his judgment to others.

He moans endlessly about the “outsourcing” of American jobs but, when it comes to his own job, he’s willing to outsource American foreign policy to the mushy transnational talk-shops and to outsource homeland security to some dubious intelligence tsar. There’s no sense of any strategic vision, no sense that he’s thought about Iran or North Korea or any of the other powder kegs about to blow. I tried to ask him about some of these matters during the New Hampshire primary and he intoned in response, “Sometimes truly courageous leadership means having the courage not to show any leadership.” (I quote from memory.)

The whole thing is like that. You know what to do.

Of course, he finished with a flourish:

…After an eternity, an aide stepped out from behind him and said, “The Senator needs you to move.”

“Well, why couldn’t he have said that?” muttered one of the old coots, as Kerry swept past us.

That’s how I felt after the Convention: all week Senators Biden, Lieberman and Edwards made the case that the Democrats were credible on national security. Why couldn’t Kerry have said that?

Because in the end he’s running for President because he feels he ought to be President. That’s his message to George W Bush: “The Senator needs you to move.” And even then everyone else says it better.