The Path Not Taken

The post title is the title of my (long) essay on space policy, that’s finally appeared on line in this quarter’s issue of The New Atlantis. It’s a survey of the myths of the old space age, and will probably form the basis for a book on which I’m working, between hurricanes, still moving into the new house, and trying to make a living.

And no, before anyone asks, I don’t in fact know why it’s right justified, and ragged left. Go ask the folks at The New Atlantis.

[Update a few minutes later]

The ragged left problem seems to be the use of non-standard HTML. It looks OK in Explorer–it’s only weird in Mozilla.

[Update on Thursday morning]

The justification problem has been fixed by the good folks at The New Atlantis (a publication that I highly endorse, and recommend that folks get a dead-tree subscription to, so you can get it early and often).