The Moral Equivalent Of A Space Program

On the day before the election, my analysis of the two candidates’ space policies can be seen at TechCentralStation.

[Update a few minutes later]

For what it’s worth, the Washington Times largely agrees with me.

[Update at 9:40 AM EST]

I should add that there are some more space policy and election pieces over at The Space Review this morning. Mark Whittington vigorously fisks one of them, in which Greg Zsidisin says that it’s basically immoral to vote for Bush, despite his better space policy.

And Jeff Foust has written the article on Hubble Servicing that I’ve been intending to write, but haven’t yet gotten around to. But he probably did a better job than I would have. Bottom line, with which I fully agree:

While a replacement spacecraft has the highest expected value in this study, it doesn