A Friend On The Hill

I think that the incoming chairman of the House space subcommittee is going to be a worthy successor to Dana Rohrabacher, and very good for the commercial space industry:

We need affordable, reliable and responsive ways to get people and hardware into orbit. NASA took the lead in proving we could get there. Now it is the private sector’s duty to make it efficient and affordable.

The job of Congress is to pass legislation and exercise its oversight functions in such a way that will enable this industry to succeed. We must keep a watchful eye on our government agencies to ensure they are operating and cooperating with the commercial Space industry and not implementing unnecessary or overly burdensome regulations. In the American tradition, government opens frontiers but people settle them. This was true in the west, with medical research and with cyberspace. If we follow that model we will succeed.

Read the whole thing. Rep. Calvert gets it.