Another Way The Bush Administration Screwed Up

Here’s a post, just for those morons who continue to believe that I’m a Bush shill, or parrot Republican talking points:

…as a proud Briton, I am not prepared to be a client of the United States. The coalition of the willing was, in effect, a coalition of two. Of course Britain is the junior partner, but she is a partner, and not a low-level employee. What is special about the relationship for us? America gets a European partner, world class intel, nuclear subs, men, whole regions pacified and many millions of your taxpayer dollars saved.

What does Britain get? MFN trading status?

America is going to have to give something to this relationship, and I do not mean a standing ovation for the PM in Congress. We stand with you far more than any European ally, but receive no special treatment in dollars or in trade. Usually, we do not even receive respect.

Yes, Bush is incompetent, in many ways. But as Lincoln said of Grant, “he fights.” At least occasionally.

Governments in general are incompetent. But a Kerry administration would have been even worse. We always have to choose between the less evil of two lessers.